Queen Gidrea's Kaiju Profile

Height: 150 meters

Wingspan: 175 meters

Mass: 70,000 metric tons

Powers/Weapons: Flight at Mach 5, LazerTits, Time Travel, Holographic [in]Visibility, Psychic Humiliation, UltraQueer pheromones, teeth.

About Queen Gidrea

Queen Gidrea is a multi-headed golden dragon and merciless destroyer. She slants effortlessly through time slit constellations, blasting psychic/social ruptures into ancient and future civilizations. Rarely visible in the human spectrum, she is inherently evil.

Chanel Matsunami Govreau AKA Queen Gidrea

Chanel Matsunami Govreau is a performer, printmaker and costume artist.She uses her body, face, regalia, and word as a site of performance storytelling.

Her stories as Queen Gidrea, are inhabited be fabulous character exaggerations and futuristic prophecies based on her experiences as a queer, multiracial, and Asian-American woman. In this practice, she utilizes a combination of humor and glamour to engage in dialogue about ethnic stereotyping and hyper-sexualization.

Matsunami Govreau often collaborates with martial artists, dancers, street artists and photographers to create narratives for photo, video and live performance. In her practice, her goal is to create opportunities for her and her collaborators to extract and confront their own social privileges and internalized oppressions.