Chanel Matsunami Govreau utlizes a series of characters in her performance work as Queen Gidrea.


Femme Dragonist Putties

Queen Gidrea's Femme Dragonist Putties are the standard army units deployed by the Dragon Queen in initial stages of battle. They are extremely intelligent and trained experts in the martial art of Muay Thai kickboxing. For every successful battle (or spinal snap) they are awarded with a golden tally mark on their customized boxing shorts, made from Queen Gidrea's metallic scales.


Asian Barbie

Asian Barbie was rejected by several toy manufacturers, before being adopted by Queen Gidrea for use as suitable armor of feminine skin for investigating and deconstructing the behavior of white human males.


Pirate Rezu

The Pirate Rezu are the mythical fugitives from the future who are said to have created Queen Gidrea as a weapon of destruction.


Bo Danger

Bo Danger is the action hero big brother of Queen Gidrea. Danger is on a mission to save the future from his kid sister. A failed assassination attempt as he traveled though the second generation resulted in his total confusion between historical reality and fiction. The problem with this is that he has the technology to make fiction into reality and does so regularly.


Yellow Ranger

With the vision of empowering his sister's human armor, Yellow Ranger was created by Bo Danger as the vamp-shed, ultra evovled form of Asian Barbie.

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